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Modelling, prototyping and testing of a new domestic oil spraying technique


The European market for this type of products is essentially dominated by the USA (Monarch, Steinen, Delavan...) which hold 70 % of the market. The only European manufacturer of significant importance is Danfoss (Denmark), which has been using the same technology for fifty years. A European dimension is essential to reconquer the market shares held by American companies. In order to obtain commercial and technical success on a European level, it is necessary for this plan to associate protagonists present in countries of Germanic and Latin influence. The very high technical nature of the product, not only concerning the fluids mechanical engineering mechanisms, but also the necessity for an accuracy of three microns for some sizes, implies the necessity for very important investments and some scientific knowledge of very high standards involving a collaboration between several European countries. As a result, it is necessary to combine technologies stemming from nuclear applications and the latest modellings in terms of fluids mechanical engineering. The developed product will appeal to a market - the field of combustion - that is especially strong because it deals with preservation of the environment. Indeed, these burners will reduce by a substantial amount toxic emissions of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, as vvell as noise pollution. In these two fields, governments of all industrialized countries are settings more and more restrictive standards in line with improvements brought about by products like ours.

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