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Improved Corrosion Testing for Marine Protective Coatings


This project is concerned with developing more accurate accelerated corrosion tests for marine protective coatings. In the European Union, marine-based industries account for between 3% and 5% of GDP, 90% of external commerce, and employs 2.5 million people, representing a market worth over 300 billion ECU. The current accelerated tests are insufficiently accurate and have not kept pace with the rapid developments made in coatings technology, posing the core-group SME's with major problems. These incluse loss of business due to slow and inadequate corrosion testing methods and long-lead times in developing new, more effective, coated products. The development of new corrosion tests would lead to significant improvements in testing efficiency, coatings selection, quality control, and lead to more rapid introduction of environmentally acceptable coatings, including those that are free of toxic heavy metals. This project will also help improve the living environment, stimulate core-group SME growth, assist in the preservation of buildings and structures, including those of cultural and historical value, and create employment opportunities across the Union. The project has been proposed by 6 SME's from 3 member states and is supported by three Research Performers across Europe, including Norway. The research methodology is well considered and highly innovative and seeks to develop new test methods as well as integrate existing testing technologies to produce synergistic improvements. The project will lead to the development of new EU-wide testing standards and specifications and will help provide the EU with a lead in this vital area, an area which, up to now, has been traditionally dominated by the USA.

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