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Integration of EO-data in enforcing national legislation for environmental forest management


The main aim of the ENFORMA pilot project is to demonstrate the preoperational use of Earth observation (EO) by forest authorities. These organizations are responsible for enforcing national forestry legislation, the aim of which is sustainable forestry.
The Co-ordinator for the ENFORMA project is the Swedish Space Corporation. Other partner organizations providing EO expertise in forestry are VTT Automation, Finland, and Geospace, Austria. Cooperation with the users is an essential part of the project. The three user organizations are also partners in the project: National Board of Forestry, Sweden; Forest Development Centre Tapio, Finland; and Landesforstdirektion Salzburg, Austria.
The goal of the project is to significantly improve the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the forest authorities efforts to follow-up forestry activities. A major focus is to see whether forest owners keep to the environmental forestry methods required by law. The EO data will allow a first assessment to be made before field inspections. A goal is to optimise these inspections through improved planning using the EO information.
The project will be based upon existing mature techniques for forest change detection from EO. These will be optimised to the specific information and operational needs of the users. A major innovation will be the integration of Earth observation data and processing functions into a single package designed for use locally within these organizations.
The project involves demonstrations in Sweden, Finland and Austria. These three new EU Member States all have significant forestry sectors. Demonstrations of the pre-operational use of a prototype EO forest management product will take place within several forestry districts in each country.
The measurable objectives of the project are:
- documentation of the requirements of the user organizations for operationalforestry follow-up by integration of EO
- system requirements and design of pre-operational prototype using existingtechniques for detecting forest change from EO
- integration and delivery of a prototype "EO forest management product",consisting of integrated satellite image data and data processing functions - a three-phase prototype demonstration by three user organizations in threedifferent EU Member States.
A cost-benefit analysis to be carried out by the users, themselves full partners in the project, will quantify the benefits in financial terms.

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