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Compilation of atmospheric observations in support of satellite measurements over Europe


The COSE proposal is based on reliable and demonstrated ground-based instruments deployed in networks, for monitoring of atmospheric species. The global objective of COSE is to co-ordinate the ground-based observations mainly performed in Europe, in order to provide the Earth Observation community with a validated, consistent and well-documented data set of atmospheric compounds, columns and/or profiles, that builds on past time series, and that will be archived in a data base for immediate and future exploitation.
The project is driven by several customer requirements, namely, (i) the satellite validation product needs for GOME, ODIN, MOPITT, (ii) the THESEO campaign co-ordinated by the EC, including data that are needed to develop data assimilation, (iii) the necessary data base to collect qualified data, including those needed for upcoming ENVISAT validation and for international programmes like NDSC and SPARC.
The methodology consist of (i) an observational phase to acquire data needed to meet the customers requirements, (ii) a so-called consolidation phase to transform the data into products and information directly supporting the customer applications and (iii) a demonstration related to the actual and upcoming satellite validation requests; all three will be running in parallel.
After consolidation of products with the customer, they will be archived in dedicated database for further application.
A contribution to User Support and Enabling Sources is also included in the project.

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