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Feux de forêts : modelisation incendie et études de risques pour la valorisation de l'environnement


The objective of the project is to develop a computer tool for
risk studies allowing rapid fire detection by the determination
of ignition possibilities and for simulation studies predicting
the evolution of a forest fire and defining the consequences that
this accident could have on the forest, dwellings and specific
plants at risk.

The programme comprises three main research and development lines
which are: risk studies, experimental and theoretical studies of
fire and the realisation of the computer code.

These studies will be carried out jointly in four European
Community countries, particularly hit by forest fires, namely
Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, in which data on vegetation
type, soil nature, possible different meteorological conditions
and site topography will be collected in order to analyze the
risks of inflammation and combustion. Images from NOAA and
LANDSAT satellites will be also analyzed and compared with the
other data in order to determine standardized European risk

Analytical and experimental studies will be performed to study
the fire spread and intensity according to fuel and topographical
and meteorological conditions, as well as, the nature and
atmospheric diffusion of the gases, aerosols and particles
produced by the fire. A normalized methodology allowing the
efficiency of the fire retardants to be compared and their
effects on the environment to be determined, will be also

The results of these studies will be used to develop fire spread
models, to quantify and compare heat transfer models and, finally
to develop a simplified forest fire models which will be used to
determine the specifications for a software package for decision
assistance and management of the fire risk.

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