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Stratospheric climatology using UV/visible spectroscopy


The goal is to continue European arctic stratospheric research after the European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE) which took place from November 1991 to March 1992, but the research will be conducted on a smaller scale than in EASOE.
The strategy is to obtain consistent measurements from a network of ground-based spectrometers by means of collection and analysis of data and inter-comparison with data obtained by complementary projects.
The research especially aims at a climatology of constituents observed by ground-based UV-visible instrumentation. The constituents to be observed are O3, BrO, OC10, stratospheric aerosols and polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs). The data base for the UV-visible region reaches back to 1987/88. Therefore interannual variations will be discernible.

Although the project as a whole is dedicated to the understanding and interpretation of measurements performed with spectrometers, it has been divided into several tasks corresponding to different techniques or fields, which cannot be covered by one group alone. The tasks are the following:

1. Analysis of spectral data;
2. Radiation transfer analysis;
3. Measurements of polar ozone and related parameters;
4. Measurements of mid-latitude ozone and related parameters;
5. Measurements of ozone mini-holes;
6. Comparison of Dobson, Brewer and UV-visible instruments;
7. Dynamical modelling of the northern stratosphere;
8; Preparation and validation of satellite experiments;
9. Collection and storage of experimental data in data base at NILU;


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