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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Climate change experiment


To experimentally enrich with CO2 and raise the temperature at
two entire forested, headwater ecosystems, in order to quantify
the ecosystem impacts of future climate changes (increased
temperature and CO2) and to provide essential data for the
construction calibration and validation of process-oriented
models, which will be used to predict the response of forests and
freshwater in Europe to future changes in atmospheric CO2 and

CO2 and temperature will be experimentally increased at two
entire forested head-water catchment-ecosystems
utilising the
two enclosures (1200 m{2}) located at Risdalsheia, southernmost
The existing facility for providing acidic and deacidified
rainwater will be augmented by increased levels of atmospheric
CO2 (to 560 ppm) and increased ambient air temperature (by
5º C)
by means of CO2 dosing and heating equipment conventionally
used in agricultural greenhouses. Catchment--scale unmanipulated
reference catchments will be established to provide detailed
information on natural variability between catchments. Further
controls will be established within the roofed areas to enable
assessment of the relative impacts of raised CO2 and
within the two acid deposition environments. The manipulation
will be implemented as a step change in CO2 and temperature at
the beginning of the growing season.

Quantification of ecosystem response will rely on monitoring and
measurements of key processes and compartments of the catchments.
Research will be focused on carbon dioxide utilisation by plants,
plant growth and nutrient status, soil/soil solution chemistry
and soil organic matter dynamics, measurements of productivity
and plant biomass turnover and quantification of the impact of
increased temperature and CO2 on the role of soil fauna in the
decomposition of litter.

Changes in fluxes of water and chemical species will be, finally,
evaluated over long time periods (years), seasons and storm
periods (days) at the manipulated and control catchments.
Process measurements of soil water status will be utilised to
identify the mechanisms controlling possible changes in
input-output budgets of water and ions, particulary nutrients.
New information from all sub-projects within CLIMEX will be
brought together to develop process - oriented models of whole
ecosystem behaviour.

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