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Development of an integrated system of regulations for soil protection in the European community.


To develop the components of an integrated control mechanism for the conservation of soil in the member states of the European Community (EC), using legal, sublegal rules and equivalent instruments.

The project provides :

i) an analysis of proposals for efficient regulation, including sub-legal rules and other integrated measures for soil conservation;

ii) an evaluation of current national legal and administrative bases for soil-protection measures and Community regulations, in particular the restoration of burdened soils (wasteland contaminated or damaged in the past) and Community regulations;

iii) an overview of national standards relevant to soil conservation and how these are implemented, especially regarding the restoration of burdened soils. This includes the review of the status of relevant national and international research work ;

iv) a synthesis of the results focusing on a scientific analysis and an evaluation of current regulation, summarizing and comparing the national measures (system of regulations, law and technology) and an evaluation of the legal questions which concern the Community providing the scientific evidence for the eventual harmonisation of environmental policies on soil conservation at Community level.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Technische Universität Berlin
Franklinstraße 28-29
10587 Berlin

Participants (2)

Rijks Agrarische Hogeschool

9700 AA Groningen
Water Quality Institute
11,Agern Allé
2970 Hørsholm