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Inherently Safer approaches to the Design of chemical process plant


To develop with industry the tools and information that can persuade and facilitate the integration of inherently safer approaches into plant design.

The concept of inherently safer chemical process plant has been around for many years. It encompasses the ideas of intensification, substitution, attenuation and simplification. These ideas focus on hazard elimination and prevention and offer benefits in terms of better operability and reduced lifetime costs as well as enhanced safety and environmental performance. In short, an inherently safer approach may offer a more effective, robust and efficient means to achieve tolerable levels of safety and environmental performance in today's business environment.

The project aims to achieve this by :

- reviewing the current state of design approaches;
- developing the means to address inherently safer issues in the design process;
- demonstrating the effectiveness of these means and the resulting benefits in terms of safety, costs and operability by carrying out a series of trials in industry on actual projects;
- producing a series of reports and a symposium/workshop to pass on the lessons from the project and give industry the tools and information it needs to start to adopt inherently safer approaches to design.

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