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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Forest environmental dynamics monitoring by microwave remote sensing


To validate the applicability of microwave remote sensing (both
active and passive) for environmental monitoring in support of
climate research.

GENERAL: The boreal forests in Northern Europe, Asia and North America play an important role in the global hydrological cycle. The next planned large internationalexperiments which focus on the boreal forests areBOREAS (1993- 1995, North America) and Nopex (1994-1996, Scandinavia). NOPEX (Northern hemisphere climate processes land-surface Experiment) is a hydro-meteorological pilot experiment for studying exchange processes between the earth's surface and atmosphere in the forests of Scandinavia,as a basis for climate research and global climate modelling. NOPEX is an official IGBP experiment falling under BAHC.
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this proposal, called FOREST-DYNAMO (FOREST environmental Dynamics Monitoring), is to further investigate the applicability of microwave observation technology for environmental monitoring within the framework of NOPEX. This objective is essential, because of the need to use global observation systems to feed, implement an verify global models. The proposed research thus contributes to the development of a monitoring system of global ecosystems and climate systems with special reference to the European Continent.Because of the all weather (cloud penetrating) capabilities, microwaves are expected to form the basis of the new generation of earth observation methodologies for environmental and climate studies. The planned remote sensing activities within FOREST-DYNAMO and NOPEX create an ideal background for verification of recently developed methods and models. The proposed research can further be seen as a contribution to the development of interpretation techniques for ERS-1 an the MIMR-instrument, planned for two polar platforms (EOS/Columbus-program of ESA/USA). For this reason ESA denoted NOPEX as target area for the new European Airborne Campaign (EMAC-94/95).
EXPECTED RESULTS: Improved knowledge of the applicability of microwaves for monitoring surface conditions of forest environments from space relevant fo climate studies.

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