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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-19

Complete catalytic combustion of halogenated (waste) materials


To design, develop and test the best possible heterogeneous catalyst(s) for the title process; to arrive at a broadly applicable catalyst system, durable and effective under well-defined process conditions.

The four participating groups, from Leiden University (2), LERCSI-EHICS (Strasbourg), and Universidad Complutense (Madrid), combine theoretical, inorganic-material, surface-chemical, organodynamic, mechanistic, analytical, and technological expertise. The 3-year project involves both lab-studies, in Leiden and Strasbourg (small scale packed flow reactors) - with a variety of model volatile organic halogen compounds (V-OHC) - and bench/pilot scale experiments (Spain) - with real combustion gases, also amended with V-OHC.

I. Founding phase : Selection and testing of existing catalysts. Construction of a bench scale "slip stream" reactor (Spain). Rational preparation and screening of novel catalysts. Characterisation of catalysts before and after use.

II. Building phase : Developing, testing, and characterisation of (improved ?) catalysts. Selected catalysts (novel and existing) are subjected to in-depth studies : Performance, life (lab-scale, with model V-OHC).

III. Consolidation : Final lab-scale tests, characterisations. Extended time runs, with variety of V-OHC, mimicking practical conditions. "Know-how and know why" in surface/inorganic chemistry and reaction kinetics, to define best catalysts.

To define best technology : scope, optimalisation, durability and robustness, physical kinetics. Reporting.

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