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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-14

NIPCO - New Image Processing for the characterisation of olives and other fruits



This project intends to improve and upgrade the existing technology with the objective of solving two specific and quite extended problems in the agrofood industrial sector: The classification of fresh and semi-elaborated products of agricultural origin and the determination of their quality in a reliable and efficient way.

In view of this objective several technologies, developed in other industrial sectors such as robotics, artificial vision and automated systems, will be utilised in order to solve problems of the agricultural industry sector.

This will bring the benefits of these disciplines and applications to a sector which up to now doesn't have the appropriate technological knowledge and means to solve them.

The specific objectives are:
1.To develop an artificial vision system for the quality inspection of olives and potatoes. This includes the design of the lighting and camera configuration, the SW development for the information collection from the obtained images and the development of the classification SW for product selection.
2.Implementation of the algorithms in a specific platform for real time image processing. A user graphic interface will have also to be developed.
3.Development of a high speed product handling line. The product transport line may be adapted from other systems. A system including the high speed synchronization and separation modules as well as product reject mechanisms will have to be developed integrating them with the transport and camera modules.
4. Pilot testing of the image processing and auxiliaries integrated system installed in the project prototypes.

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