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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-07

Concerted action workshop of minimum inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobials against fish pathogenic bacteria.


By means of a Concerted Action Workshop to bring together the major community laboratories (plus a limited number from outside Europe) working on aspects of the use of chemotherapeutants, particularly antibiotics and the problem of drug resistance in aquaculture.

The primary theme of the Workshop will be to enable these experts to re-examine this problem and, in particular, to discuss and gain agreement on recommendations for a uniform method of determining minimum inhibitory concentrations for the most important antimicrobials against the most important fish pathogens. The intention is that Workshop should present these recommendations to the Commission and publish them, together with the proceedings of the Workshop, in a peer reviewed international journal (Aquaculture).

The above objectives comply with the objectives of the FAIR work programme under a number of headings, including 5.2.2 The effects of aquaculture on the environment - a more standard MIC methodology should assist in reducing the inappropriate use of antibiotics to control bacterial disease and thereby reduce the adverse effects of the use of medicines in aquaculture on the environment.
Additionally the proposed Workshop falls under 5.3.2 Health of aquaculture species, in particular the substitution of an optimisation of therapeutics - the objective of this workshop is to arrive at an agreed method for MIC determination, which will itself directly provide for the proper selection of the correct therapeutic dose of the most appropriate antimicrobial agent for the bacterial pathogen concerned.

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