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Molecular and physiological basis for the optimization of GnRH induced spawning techniques in farmed fish, in particular the sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and the sea bream (Sparus aurata).


The project aims to understand the neuroendocrine and the physiological mechanisms involved in the reproduction of sea bass and sea bream

A full control of reproduction is essential for all finfish species under intensive culture. This control will enable fish farms to synchronize and improve the quality of spawnings and therefore better program in their seed supplies according to the market demands.

The objectives are:

a) To investigate at the pre- and post-synaptic levels the neuroendocrine mechanisms by which the best combination between GnRH treatment and gonadotroph sensitivity is achieved to develop reliable technology to induce spawning in sea bass and ensure an optimal efficiency of improved spawning induction and synchronization therapies in sea bass and sea bream.
b) To purify and develop specific assays of GtH(s) in sea bass and design new GnRH analogs to test their biological activities in terms of GtH secretion, expression and quality of spawning.
c) To establish managment tools for selected GnRHa and delivery systems which could then be reliably used by commercial farms to induce spawning and improve synchronization and quality of the broodstock spawnings.

The techniques to be used in this project include purification of sea bass GtH(s), setting up specific assays for different fish hormones cloning and expression of recombinant hormones (GnRH(s), GtH(s) and GAP(s), cloning and expression of GnRH receptors. It includes as well studies on brain neuroanatomy, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation at the brain and pituitary levels of sea bass and sea bream and experimental studies including the effect of different hormonal treatments and environmental changes on the GnRH-GtH-gonadal system. At the same time a wide range of controlled release GnRHa devices will be prepared and tested in broodstock sea breams and sea bass. Their effects on hormonal induction of final oocyte maturation and spawning and egg and larval quality studies will be assessed.

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