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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-04-16

Establishment of Non-Destructive or Partially Destructive Test Procedures for Determining the Characteristics of Waste Containers


Related to low and medium wastes package characterization, this programme proposes to establish examination procedures relying on acquired experiences about real packages.
One of the main objectives is to limit to the minimum the destructive examinations; non destructive examinations having the advantage of not causing secondary wastes.

Work programme:

Assay procedures will be written for the following:

- sampling methods for analysis (alpha, beta, gamma, ...)
- gamma scanning on packages,
- micro-organism actions on embedded wastes (bitumen, cement),
- water content measurement in embedded wastes (Solo 40),
- radiolysis gas measurement,
- thermoluminescent dosimetry,
- tomography's applications on waste packages checking, (filing rate, homogeneity, bulk density, integrity of the package after aggressive assays, ...).

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