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Thermal, mechanical and hydrogeological properties of host rocks for deep geological disposal of radioactive wastes


The European Commission has supported in its subsequent R&D programmes on Management and Storage of Radioactive Waste, a large number of research activities on the characterisation of potential host rocks for deep geological repositories. Such R&D programmes have been carried out also in countries non-member of the European Union. Coming to the end of its fourth five-year (1990-1994) R&D programme, the Commission would like to have carried out a review study and evaluation of the state-of-the-art on current relevant knowledge. The objective of this evaluation will be to provide the Commission with advice on the most important issues where further work is required. The review study will focus on deep geological disposal of long-lived waste in saliferous, argillaceous and crystalline rock formations.

Work programme:

The following questions are to be addressed:

- Scope of the available data
- What information is still needed?
- What information is not needed?
- Where are the major uncertainties?
- How could the information be obtained?
- Are there site-specific aspects?
- How can the EC help to coordinate further work?

The findings will be presented in a report of about 150 pages target length.

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