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Development of the igisol technique to allow the study of exotic nuclei beyond present-day limits


The project's objective is to improve the Jyvaskyla IGISOL facility in numerous ways such that the combination with the wide range of beams delivered by the Jyvaskyla cyclotron and the availability of numerous detector systems, including a collinear laser facility, will make it a unique and very versatile tool for nuclear physics research. The proposed improvements are:
? development of a heavy-ion reaction ion guide,
? optimising nozzle shape, helium feeding and chamber geometry, ? making possible the use of very high intensity light ion beams, ? installing a sextupole ion transmission system,
? building a beam profile monitor sensitive to single ions.
It is predicted that the intensities of neutron-rich medium-mass beams will reach levels allowing post-acceleration to high energy radioactive ion beams. Also, many presently unknown nuclei will become available for study.

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