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Theoretical and numerical studies of stochastic resonance systems


It is proposed to undertake fundamental research into the behaviour of externally forced stochastic nonlinear systems which are known to exhibit the phenomenon of stochastic resonance. Theoretical analysis of these systems will be carried out to establish the range of validity of current linear response theories and a general theory of noise induced linearisation - an effect which is believed to be of some importance in its own right - will be established. The full phenomenology of this nonlinear response of these systems will also be established using a recently developed theoretical approach. Digital simulation will be used as a guide to the theory and as a general probe of system dynamics
It is anticipated that the results of this work will significantly enhance our general understanding of nonequilibrium systems and form a firm theoretical base for future research in this field. Given the potential technological applications of stochastic resonance it is also expected that this work will aid in the future exploitation of this effect. On a personal level, the research project will enable me to improve my theoretical skills and learn new techniques in digital simulation.

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