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Experimental investigation of the properties and statistics of quantum levels in nanoscale semiconductor devices


Research objectives and content
The aim of the project is to investigate experimentally, using electrical transport measurements at low temperatures, the energy levels of small quantum systems fabricated in the solid state. The reproducible pseudorandom structure in the conductance as a function of bias, gate voltages and magnetic field will be measured in unprecedented detail in order to investigate the statistics and other properties of the energy levels for comparison with recent theoretical predictions in this extremely topical area of physics. Experiments on three types of device are proposed. The first is a small region of two-dimensional eleoctron gas (2DEG) connected by metallic leads, which will be used to investigate levels in a 2D metal and in a quantum Hall conductor. The second is a ballistic cavity, where quantum chaos theory predicts intriguing relationships between the level statistics and the presence of nonchaotic classical electron orbits. The third is a single carbon nanoutube, which has very recently been found to exhibit one-dimensional relativistic dispersion and a large level spacing, presenting the exciting prospect of studying the properties of individual levels corresponding to a very different type of quasiparticle from those found in normal metals. Training content (objective,benefit and expected impact)
The applicant expects to learn and develop new techniques of device fabrication and measurement for use in futur research, and to improve his understanding of the subject by collaborating directly with eminent theorists. Further the applicant expects to pass on his particular skills, including those of measuring fluctuations in low temperature transport.

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