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Lay and scientific theories of racism - comparing the social representations of racism articulated by Greek people with social psychological accounts


Research objectives and content
The proposed study by focusing both on lay and scientific accounts of racism and inter-group relations aims: 1. to identify the shared interpretative resources upon which Greek people draw in order to account for racism and social exclusion, and 2. to compare the above resources with the ones that form the basis of scientific theories of' inter-group prejudice and racism. The proposed project involves three case - studies. The first two will focus on interview accounts given by a. Greek people who live in areas where a large number of refugees (from Albania and from the former USSR) have settled during the last decade. and b. by professionals involved in projects concerning the social integration of the above populations. The third study involves analysis of social psychological] accouns from papers published during the last five years in the European journal of Social Psychology. The analytic methodology will involve insights from Discource Analysis (Potter and Wetherell, 1987) and from Rhetorical Social Psychology (Billig, 1987).
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The Departement of' Psychology of' Lancaster University can provide me the appropriate supervision theoretical social and methodological tools, as well as the appropriate supervision support for a critical social psychological approach to the everyday and scientific definition and explanation of racism.

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