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Contenu archivé le 2024-05-07

Radiative transport and the dynamics of diffuse astrophysical sources


I will use analytic and numerical techniques that I have already developed to pro- duce and propose diagnostics of physical conditions in various astrophysical envi- ronments using E2O and OH maser lines. The environments are a) disks around central black holes in Active Galactic Nuclei, b) outflows of evolved stars, c) super- nova remnants and d) Herbig-Haro objects.
I will also use my expertise in radiative transfer to determine the limits of what can be learned about protostellar infall from existing millimeter wave molecular emission features.
Finally, I will either investigate the effects of magnetic coupling between different layers in an evolved star's outflow on the mass loss rate and wind terminal speed or the response of a spherical clump to the turn-on of an ionizing stellar radiation. A realistic diffuse component of the ionizing radiation will be included and the development of a cometary-like structure will be examined.

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University of Leeds
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