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Room temperature molecule-based magnets - synthesis, properties, use in devices


Research objectives and content
The project is devoted to the synthesis ot new room temperature magnets and to their use in devices. Room-temperature was reached in the family of Prussian blue in the host group and it is now possible to go from fundamental studies to the use of such systems ill devices.
The main synthetic goals are new high Curie temperature molecule-based magnets with improved magnetization, remnance and coercive field: realisation of new thin-layers materials with new magneto-optical properties and new photomagnetic properties; conception and realisation of new molecule based magnets devices; better understanding of the interaction between magnetic centers in molecule-based magnets thanks to quantum models of interaction.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training content will be the development of synthetic abilities in coordination chemistry, particularly under control atmosphere, mastering of structural, spectroscopic and magnetic techniques, in particular spectroscopie techniques related to synchrotron radiation (EXAFS, XANES and XMCD). This is important in the context of' the materials sciences research endeavours in my university and in my country, to improve the participation of spanish scientists in european large scientific facilities.

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Université de Paris VI (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
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