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Contenu archivé le 2024-04-30

Two-photon microscopy for biological systems


Research objectives and content
The use of two-photon excitation of fluorescent molecules in a laser scanning microscope confines fluorescence to a l diffraction-limited spot, thereby providing intrinsic 3D resolution as well as a possibility to perform photochemistry l at a submicron scale. I propose to build a two-photon microscope and implement it to study three specific questions: 1) neuronal response to stimulation of multiple synaptic junctions, 2) the presynaptic role of ATP, 3) the structure l and dynamics of colloidal liquids and crystals in the vicinity of interfaces. l
Training content (objective, benefic and expected impact)
While working on this project I expect to advance my technical skills in setting up complicated optical systems, computer-controlled experiments and image processing software. Close collaboration with neuroscientists will allow me to master standard techniques in neurobiology and to gain new insights into this field. This training will contribute to my ability to start independent research in neurobiology.
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