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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-10

Transposition mechanism and the 3' region of the i-factor, a line-like transposable element - ii


Research objectives and content
The main objective of this research project is the functional analysis of the RNase H and zinc-finger motifs located in the 3' region of I factor-like elements. These domains, as well as the termination mode, are characteristic of this subgroup of elements and are not included in the present model of transposition of LINE-like elements. The activity of these domains has not even been tested. As a second objective, ) would like to test the hypothesis that I factor-like elements are
retrotranscribed in the cytoplasm.Once established a suitable in vitro transposition system for the I factor element (contract number ERBFMBICT972688), the project will involve the analysis of how site-directed mutation in specific sites of the RNase H and zinc-finger motifs of this element affect its transposition capability.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This whole research project will be acquainted me with completely new techniques on molecular biology, like cell culture, making and handling of gene constructs, site-directed mutagenesis and perhaps protein expression and its analysis. The knowledge or this technology can be useful not only for the development of this project but to analyse any other gene. Working on two different research groups, I will benefit from the training ability of both laboratories as well as an specialised supervision on each part of the investigation.
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