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Development of molecular markers for multi-identification of pathogenic piroplasmidae, in cattle and their vectors, in the South of Europe


Research objectives and content
This research project plans to develop a multi-identification system for cattle piroplasmidae in Spain and Italy where unspecified theileriosis have been observed bycolleagues we are working with for several years. By collecting samples in the field (cattle blood and alive ticks) with local scientists we will try to identify the parasite involved in carrier state or outbreaks in the targeted areas. Tick vectors will be identified and a prophylactic approach could be developed with an adequate vaccination strategy to reduce the costs of such diseases. This project will not only involve different European countries whose dairy and meat industries are threatened but will allow to produce a DNA bank for the other European countries interested in such livestock infection. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This project will help the candidate to improve his technical skills by using new molecular techniques and applying them to field situations. He will be able to develop European links and to enhance an International career on epidemiology applied to livestock animals. This should be of particular benefit to the European meat and dairy industries. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
No direct links have been prepared for this research project but dairy and meat industries in the EU touched by theileriosis should increase their productivity.

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