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Ethnicity, Gender and Education: The School Experiences of 14-year-olds in a London Comprehensive


Research objectives and content

The empirical research project to be carried out will consist on the case study of an inner-London comprehensive school. By focusing on the school experiences of 14 years old pupils, this ethnographic study will explore the impact of ethnicity and gender on educational opportunity, paying, particular attention to the school experiences of pupils of African origin, which have been to some extent neglected in the academic research on black pupils.

More specifically, this research project has the following aims:
1. To know if teachers differentiate significantly between pupils of African and Caribbean origin and, if so, what are the different stereotypes that they construct out both groups and how do these affect their educational expectations.
2. To explore teachers' perceptions and educational expectations of pupils of different gender of each ethnic group
3. To explore pupils' ethnic and gender identity.
4. To understand how pupils integrate and reproduce 3 stereotypes on /ethnicity and gender in their everyday school experiences with their peers and through interaction with their teachers.

Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)

The research project to be carried out is part of the Doctoral studies in education that I will undertake in the Policy Studies Academic Group of the Institute of Education, University of London. Therefore, I will attend a Programme of research training. The research project itself will allow developing my skills as researcher in Social Science I namely, in planning and conducting interviews observations and analysing the data generated with such methods. Also, it will prepare me in analysing written documents (such as educational policies and with school documents)

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