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Extraction of parton distribution functions and fragmentation functions with uncertainties.


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I intend to continue to center mv research Problems among Women in European Countries" will examine the drinking patterns and problems of women in eight European countries. This will be done by comparing alcohol consumption and alcohol problem rates within and between countries and between men and women and among women. In addition, an important methodological component of the proposed concerted action is to make recommendations for much needed standardised measures of alcohol consumption and alcohol problems for use in European alcohol epidemiological research. The proposed project involves the collaboration of alcohol epidemiologists from eight European countries, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland (United Kingdom), Sweden, and Switzerland, and will coordinate national efforts on an inter-European level so that trends and patterns within countries may be compared with others and thus may be more readily usable and accessible for European Union policy purposes. The proposed concerted action, "Alcohol Consumption and Alcohol Problems among Women in European Countries" has the following measurable objectives: (1) To standardise drinking measures. (la) With data sets on alcohol consumption which have already been collected by the partner countries, the first objective is to develop standardised units to compare alcohol consumption and alcohol problems across European countries. (lb) Recommendations for standard measures and approaches for future measurement of alcohol consumption and alcohol problems Europe-wide will be developed. (2) To investigate differences in drinking patterns within and between countrie This will be done looking at differences between men and women, and among women. (2a) With available longitudinal data, trends in consumption between men and women and among the partner countries will be examined for changes in differences in drinking rates between men and women. (2b) Drinking patterns among women with regard to specific variables such as age, education, employment status, income, marital status, and family status will be investigated to identify subgroups of women who may be at particular risk for heavy or problematic drinking. (3) To review registry data in each partner country for "chronic consequences" of alcohol consumption. (3a) The first task under this objective is to review the morbidity and mortality registry data in each country for its availability and to determine the process by which such data are collected. 3b) The second objective will be to specifically examine the relationship of alcohol intake across gender with the identified common set of data for chronic consequences. The analysis will serve as a test of the validity of survey data for investigating the chronic consequences of heavy alcohol intake. The proposed project is designed to coordinate and facilitate the comparison of European health data, and to facilitate a common methodology for interpreting them. In addition, by examining trends and changes in the drinking patterns and rates of alcohol problems among women, the project will identify specific indicators for health risk behaviours in this population. Thus, the results of the proposed concerted action will help put in place a harmonised methodology and the necessary expertise to monitor changes in alcohol health data as a result of European Union market policies and specific European Union public health policy regulations, directives and resolutions.

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