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Principal characteristics of the facility and of the support offered to users:
The Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) is currently one of the largest social science data services in the world providing a variety of services to researchers in Norway as well as internationally. Besides being a gateway to rich data holdings, NSD also serves as a competence centre assisting researchers with respect to data gathering, questionnaire design, selection of software tools, social science data analysis and methodology. One of the most distinguished characteristics of NSD is its multi-disciplinary orientation. The data holdings, as well as the educational and intellectual background of the staff cover all major fields and disciplines of the social sciences. The research environment at NSD is also characterised by a unique mixture of substantial, methodological and technical expertise. NSD is particularly well developed to support researchers who are conducting European comparative research. NSD was identified as a large scale facility by the Study Panel on Access to Large Scale Facilities in the Social Sciences in 1995.
We request support for a three years programmeof visiting scholars who will conduct their own research as well as participate in ongoing interdisciplinary research projects. Researchers visiting under the TMR-LSF Programme will be given access to all data resources and expertise currently available at NSD. This includes a wide range of data resources and expertise relevant to all fields of the social sciences as well as some related fields within the humanities and medicine. A special programme of assistance will be developed for each single TMR user depending on their previous experience with social science data analysis as well as the characteristics of their research project.
Quantity of access being offered and number of users who may benefit: Funds from the TMR-LSF Programme will provide 500 extra visitors day per year for non-Norwegian European researchers. Approximately 24 additional users per year will benefit from the programme. This will increase the scale of activity at the facility by approximately 20 %.

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