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The physics of quantum information


Young researchers will be trained in the research establishments of leading communication and computation. Quantum superposition and quantum European scientists in quantum optics and quantum information entanglement can make communication absolutely secure and can increase Dissemination of expertise to young scientists will be achieved by personal computational power beyond the reach of any classical computer. Theoretical training on the job, as well as at workshops and conferences of the and experimental teams in the network will collaborate to develop new network methods and algorithms as well as experimental realizations in quantum cryptography, quantum communication, and quantum computation. The network will jointly develop the hardware and software, and define the security criteria for a full quantum cryptography system. The teams in the network will analyse and experimentally test schemes of quantum communication, studying quantum effects in data coding and transmission. Experimental realizations of quantum logic gates will be building. A comprehensive feasibility study of quantum computation will include decoherence and dissipation, noise reduction and correction, and new quantum algorithms.


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