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Calcium Homeostasis in Physiology and Pathology


Calcium is a universal second messenger in the control of multiple The understanding of the regulation of calcium hollleostasis requires an integrated approach of molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics and Cell physiological processes, from secretion to contraction, to activation of biology. Success depends on the use of highly diversified technical and the mitotic program. Disorders in calcium handling underlie many diseases conceptual approaches. The unique characteristics of this network are that of major soeio-eeonomical impact, such as neuronal degeneration in ischelllia and Alzheilller disease, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine it comprehends a wide variety of techniques. The post docs will therefore be exposed within each single group and through the ongoing collaborations pathologies. Unlike other second messengers which are syntllesised and degraded by enzymes, calcium levels in different sub-cellular to not only different techniques, but also to different experimental models and Cultural backgrounds. In addition, the experimental approaches used by compartlllellts are regulated by transport, binding and release. The recent developments in the field highlight the pivotal role of the spatio-temporal the differcnt teams are sufEIcielltly basic to guarantee the scientists aspects of the signalling system based on calcium ions. one of the main under training a broad education.
objectives of this proposal is that of developing new techniques to investigate this parameter with unprecedented spatial resolution in living Cells. The teams participating in this network have an unparalleled core expertise in techniques for investigating cellular and organelle calcium handling and in the past years have pioneered techniques such as patch Clamping (E. Neher), fluorescent and luminescent Calcium indicators (T. Pozzan). The participating groups not only aim at ullravelling some basic aspects of the Calcium homeostatie machinery, but at the same time are interested in applying this knowledge to the investigation of disease states.

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