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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-05-07

Model enhanced solution methods for integer programming software


Many industrial decision processes, production planning problems, distribution problems, and problems occurring in logistics can be described as mixed-integer linear optimisation problems. However, the ability to solve these industrial problems depends on the sophistication of the tools and techniques available. This project will remedy the inadequacies of the tools currently available by developing a flexible, general-purpose commercial software tool for this class of problems. This will provide industrial modellers with access to new, more powerful methods capable of solving problems currently considered intractable. High-performance parallel computers offer the means to obtain solutions to difficult problems within an industrially relevant timeframe. These tools will be developed on parallel high-performance hardware available at all the partners and will be used to solve critical industrial problems at BASF, Unilever, PowerGen and Tractebel.

The primary output of the project will be a set of tools which embody expert knowledge and adhere to best practice. The primary results will be much faster solution times for difficult and wider-ranging problems. This in turn will bring greater operating efficiency, reduced costs, better knowledge and understanding of industrial processes, and improved competitiveness.

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