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Creating a solid configuration-and test-management infrastructure to improve the team development of critical software systems


The main business of TeSSA is "giving extensive and unlimited support for building business solutions". A great part of these solutions are IT solutions. The core activities in TeSSA are developing AND implementing quality software systems.
We are aware that testing procedures, completed with version and configuration management are a real need to deliver quality software products in time. Another important reason to implement these procedures is teamwork. More and more people are working together on the same product. Working as a team on the same project, means introducing more procedures for testing and configuration management, otherwise the existing problems will escalate.
More control and confidence in the development environment results in a more stable atmosphere to work in. This reflects on all levels, from programmer to management. The people TeSSA invested in are very important for the continued existence of TeSSA.

The experiment aim at a stepwise process improvement towards a fully controlled process with standard built in test procedures and configuration (version) control management on different levels.
The experiment will start by appointing 1 person, responsible for testing and quality improvement. He will be the driving force behind the experiment. Workgroups consisting of analysts and programmers will think of the best possible plan to implement the control management.
The status of the baseline is well known and registered, so the results of this improvement can be measured very well and disseminated to other organisations developing the same kind of software.

Organisational procedures in the domain of configuration and test-management will help the project leader to control the development process. The following results are expected :

Cost reduction (10 - 15 %)
Elimination of errors in an early phase of the process (1 in stead of 10)
Quality improvement of delivered programmes. Reliability increase of installed programmes.
And last but not least, acceleration of the definite product delivery. (about 10% )

Not only the thinking up and writing down of these procedures, but also the creation of driving forces behind the "quality-consciousness" of all people in the organisation, are important.

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