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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-21

Road and tyre interaction noise (RATIN)


Noise is a major environmental problem. Among different noise sources, road traffic noise is the dominant source. On average 20 % of the populations in European countries are exposed to road traffic noise with A-weighted noise levels above 65 dB. Type/road noise is the limiting factor for a reduction of traffic noise in the future. The goal of the proposed project is to provide tools and guidelines for the reduction of exterior vehicle noise due to the interaction between tyre and road. In the light of forthcoming changes in legislation concerning vehicle noise, the results of the proposed work will prepare tyre and car industry for future challenges. The main potential in the reduction of tyre/road noise is located in the optimisation of tyre and road properties at the same time. RATIN will develop a complete and physical consistent model for the prediction of exterior and interior tyre/road noise in the audible range, i.e. at least up to 3 kHz.
- Four validated tyre models covering the whole frequency range of interest. Each of the models with special features (e.g. standard FE but limited in frequency, spectral FE covering a wide frequency range, wave models giving good insight in the physics);
- Tools for radiation and scattering based on infinite elements and ray tracing;
- A contact model implemented in a rolling model being able to predict the infleunce of tyre and road parmaters on the sound generation;
- Simplified models applicable in car industry for predicting interior and exterior noise due to tyre/road interaction.

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