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Increasing efficiency and quality in shipbuilding and shiprepair by developing mobile laser equipment for dock-area (DOCKLASER)


Dock Laser aims to increase productivity, flexibility, quality and working conditions by developing laser processing techniques and equipment for the final assembly area in ship new building and repair. These areas are characterised by low productive welding techniques with high heat input, which leads to weld distortions and destruction of already applied paints and outfitted components. The project defines cases, requirements and goals for laser processing in dock area to develop welding/cutting processes and equipment. Work safety and approval is focus of one work package. Close to reality tests and prototype production at end-user sites help to estimate benefits and to achieve applicability under practical conditions. The 3 main application areas are: welding of long linear fillet welds with tractor system, tack welding with mechanical system and manually guided welding/cutting for outfitting.

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