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Development of a high throughput (250-350 kb) automated DNA sequencing system and sequencing of human cDNA and polymorphic micro-satellite DNA clones


The objective and result of this collaboration among European scientists will be the development and improvement of advanced technologies which will facilitate the physical mapping and sequencing of the human genome. The sequencing system of the next generation should have a potential throughput of 250-350 kilobases per device per run. The number of Simultaneously used different fluorescent dyes will be expanded to four, increasing further the on-line per day throughput of the system and approaching the potential capacity of the off-line multiplex methods. Longe gel readings will improve dramatically the efficiency of DNA sequencing. Sequence accuracy will be further improved as compared to existing devices. The low error rate, already achieved in the EMBL system, is a key prerequisite for efficient sequencing with lowest possible (2-3 times) redundancy. A novel sequencing strategy will involve direct sequencing from large vectors, increase the efficiency & lower the cost per finished base. Human cDNAs and polymorphic microsatellite DNAs will be sequenced to demonstrate the function and applicability of the newly designed equipment and developed methodologies for the human genome analysis. Analysis of polymorphic microsatellite clones will be focused on human chromosome 21, using an ordered YAC Contig covering the region 21q22.1 to refine further the existing map of this region. In addition, the linkage between microsatellites and coding regions will be investigated.
Because of the innovative design and the original ideas implemented in this research proposal, the information derived from this project will have many implications for basic research in biology as well as in clinical research and medicine. Other laboratories in Europe and world-wide will benefit from the more efficient equipment and technical protocols resulting from this project.


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