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CHIN establishes and promotes cooperation between regional information networks for comprehensive telematics-based health care services. The overall system will cover eight European regions, taking in both city and rural areas. It will be validated on the basis of feedback from users, including hospitals, clinics and doctors, as well as private individuals. Clients linked to CHIN will be able to call on technical facilities including desk-top video-conferencing and file transfer, and consider generic approaches suited to specific regions or services such as patient care management.

The main objective of CHIN is to establish a network of regional Co-operative Health Information Networks (CHINs) which support comprehensive and integrated sets of Health Care Telematic (HCT) services for a broad range of users. This will be implemented in eight representative European regions, both rural and metropolitan, and a realistic validation of their benefits will be performed by measuring acceptance and usage of HCT services by representative user groups. The networks are being considered as crystallisation points for further enhancements.

Technically a Network of Co-operative Health Information Networks within Europe will be set up. It consists of modular CHIN clients, linked to CHIN network servers, which are connected on a European level. The technical systems will integrate application and service components in a standard conforment, modular and scalable way. These services and applications are grouped into basic services - such as desk-top videoconferencing, file transfer, e-mail and application sharing, generic services such as security and generic solutions for region-specific services - and specific services - such as patient care management and healthcare education and online information services for patients and doctors. Specific services make use of basic and generic services. Key criteria for the CHIN components are a set of international standards to support interoperability and scalability. The approach as a whole is based on an in depths investigation of user needs and takes into account the expertise of previous phases of European research in HCT and several national research programmes.

The establishment of permanent, appropriate co-operative operational structures will be encouraged by the CHIN initiative which involves partners representing end-users, HC-administrations, IT-industries and Telecoms, assisted by applied research and standardisation bodies.

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