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Medical Informatics Conference Campaign


EU-MIE'96 aims to broaden knowledge, transfer and consolidation of information technology in healthcare value-added services, via targeted publicity at the 1996 Medical Informatics in Europe Conference. The European Federation and Danish Society for Medical Informatics are to finance grants for participants from Central and Eastern Europe and students from throughout the entire continent. Breadth as well as depth is a central aim of the meeting which will invite lead speakers on topics such as the Information Society, European industrial potential and challenges for research and education.

The purpose of this application is to strengthen the dissemination of knowledge about IT base healthcare value added services and the transfer and consolidation of such technology through a focused action at the MIE'96 conference.

The objectives are :

1. to establish a foundation for provision of travel grants to participants from Eastern European countries and from EU regions with similar economic conditions. Furthermore, the objective is to support students participation from all over Europe in order to boost the awareness of potentials and challenges in medical informatics.

2. to secure a broad and deep competence in the main programme delivered to the conference participants by inviting a broad range of keynote speakers covering a° the Information Society and national and European health strategies, b) User needs and requirements, c) European industry's potential, and d) Derived challenges in research and education.

It shall be stressed that the administrative staff related with administration of the above mentioned grants is 100% sponsored by the European Federation for Medical Informatics and the Danish Society for Medical Informatics. The cost claimed are to 100% used for direct payment of grants and other similar direct expenses.


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