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Adv. in auc & hydro


The identification and quantitative characterization of the structure and interactions between macromolecules in solution is of extreme importance to understand the behaviour of biological and as synthetic systems. Analytical Ultra-centrifugation (AUC) is a unique and important technique for the characterization of macromolecular assembly and interactions in solution, because it is firmly based on rigorous hydrodynamic and thermodynamic theory.

With the availability of modem instrumentation, and with regard to the improvement in data acquisition and analysis, biological or synthetic systems of increasing complexity can now be described. The community of scientists involved in the methodological development of the technique, and/or in its best use in a variety of scientific fields is increasing.

Advances in Analytical Ultra-centrifugation and Hydrodynamics: Macromolecular Solution Structure and Interactions in Biological and Synthetic Systems, will be organized in 2002 in Autrans, close to Grenoble, France. The total duration of the course is of 3 days, a duration chosen to attract nearly 110 scientists including specialists and non-specialists in Analytical Ultra-centrifugation or in Hydrodynamics.

The conference will help in increase and disseminate knowledge on this technique, and promote its best use, by establishing fruitful exchanges of ideas and contacts between biologists, chemists and physicists, users and developers of the technique, young and senior scientists from academia or industry. All topics related to analytical Ultra-centrifugation will be welcome, such as:

- Biological systems or polymer colloids;
- Interacting systems and assembly;
- Molecular or supramolecular structures;
- Analysis and modelling, hydrodynamics;
- Experimental and software development;
- Related techniques and/or comparison to AUC.

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Rue Jules Horowitz 41
38027 Grenoble