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Euroconference / 2^nd International Meeting "Cellular Responses to Oxidative and Osmotic Stress: Sensing, Signalling and Gene Expression"


The main scientific objective of the meeting is to set up a forum that will enable the exchange of information between scientists studying oxidative and osmotic stress in different organisms. Indeed, few meetings bringing together people working on the molecular mechanisms underlying the stress response using different cell models are occurring at present, namely in Europe. This meeting will address the sensing of both stress challenges (osmotic and oxidative) as this issue remains an intriguing event. The signalling pathways have been disclosed, however the regulation associated with the stress response and the cross talk between the pathways still remains to be clarified. The cell adaptation to the changes in environmental conditions including change in the expression of specific genes and in enzymes activities will also be analysed. In this context the induction of similar genes and the activation of identical enzymes by the two stress agents indicates common defence mechanisms. However, the relevance of the common responses in different cell systems is still a matter of discussion and new approaches will be discussed, namely its importance in diseases and in biotechnology (e.g. plant development, bioreactors). An integrative approach of the stress responses will be discussed in deep.
he topics will be presented by selected 8 keynote speakers, covering: a) oxidative stress response in bacteria, in yeast, in plants and in mammals; b): osmotic stress in bacteria, in yeast, in plants and in mammals (see speakers name in the meeting programme). There will be two lectures, one covering an overview of common mechanisms of the stress response (D.Thiele, USA) and the role of kinases in different cell systems (S.Keyse, UK). In addition, 24 short talks (15 min) will be selected from the abstracts and special attention will be given to young scientists and to the European post-doctoral fellows working in non EU countries. To stimulate the interaction between participants, two poster sessions and one workshop have been planned.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Povoa De Varzim / Porto