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European Meeting of statisticians 2002 - Prague


Statistics is one of the sciences without which modern society cannot function. Statistics and probability are quickly evolving areas of theoretical knowledge with an enormous application potential. The conference will bring together the European community of statisticians and probabilists in order to report on their achievements over the last few years and to identify and discuss emerging issues.
The European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS) is an international conference in the fields of statistics, probability, information and stochastic processes with strong scientific traditions. The EMS is a regular European meeting organised by the European Regional Committee (ERC) of the Bernoulli Society (BS, a Section of the International Statistical Institute - ISI), one of the leading international Professional associations for mathematical statistics and probability. The 2002 meeting pays special attention to newly developing fields such as bioinformatics (forum lecture, special invited lecture, invited sessions No. 6 and 15), risk theory (invited sessions No. 18 and 20), computer-based statistics (invited sessions No. 14, 17 and 19), spatial statistics (closing lecture, special invited lecture, invited sessions No. 2. 3 and 9) and telecommunications (opening lecture, special invited lecture and invited session No. 12). In light of the list of fine scientists who have already accepted invitations to organise invited sessions or to give special invited lectures, there is no doubt that this meeting will be of the highest quality.
In 2002, the 24th EMS will be held in Prague, jointly with the 14th Prague Conference on Information Theory Statistical Decision Functions and Random Processes (PC). Just like the EMS, the regular PC has a long-standing tradition and an outstanding international reputation, as Czech statistics has also had for many decades. In recognition of this tact's, the organisers of both conferences decided to combine forces and organise a single conference as a joint meeting. Due to its central location in Europe, it is expected that the Prague 2002 conference will attract a large number of statisticians from all over Europe, in particular from East and Central European countries. It is the aim of the organisers to make the meeting financially accessible to all interested European statisticians, especially young researchers, and in particular to keep fees as low as possible.

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ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Prague