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Zawartość zarchiwizowana w dniu 2024-06-10

Precision and Ultraprecision Cutting and Grinding of Metals, Engine ering Ceramics and Polymers.


Foreseen Results

These facts underline the importance of this project especially for CEE and NIS countries. The research covers the following phases:

Modelling of UP machining and optimization of process conditions for different engineering materials;
Development of complex methods for testing and evaluation of surface integrity;
Development of combined processes for hardened steel parts;
Experimental and industrial application of precision and ultraprecision machining;
Advisory system development for users;

Finally a report will be completed with the conclusions concerning both scientific and industrial issues. Proposals will be also given for further R & D and wider application.
Quality of machined parts is determined mainly by their dimensional and shape accuracy, and surface integrity. The increased quality of "conventional" products, emergence of mechatronics, needs in mirrors, prismas, lenses etc... of extreme accuracy for different applications (lasers, opto-electronics, bio - engineering, cosmic research, sensory technics etc) led to precision and ultraprecision (UP) machining, which is extensively used in developed countries on high-tech products. In CEE and NIS countries the utilization of UP machining in civil industries is despairing low in spite of good results in lab experiments.

In UP machining of hardened steels, engineering ceramics and polymers are many unsolved problems:

Reliability of UP cutting processes and surface finish are to be increased when machining hardened
steels and engineering ceramics;
Interconnections between process parameters and surface layer properties (e.g. residual stresses) are to be investigated and the surface integrity has to be controlled, specific features of polymers are very
sensitive to process parameters, optimal conditions are to be determined;
There is a need in better knowledge of micromachining, modelling of the process;
Sharpness of the cutting edges of polycrystallin tools should be improved etc.

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