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A compact, portable and economical high power inductive energy storage generator - development and application


Foreseen Results

The proposal is to set a first step collaboration based on a sound theme. It will carry out the research and development necessary to lead to a developed product but the collaboration will emphasize the sharing and transfer of expertise and technology from multiple directions rather than on the achievement of creating a single product. In addition, the background of the partnership is such that a full comparative study of the new processing methodology and more traditional methods of surface engineering with plasma and ions will be carried out.

The project will involve 8 partners in 6 countries, including both educational and government research establishments as well as industry directly. The interaction with industries and laboratories active in the end use envisaged will allow the specifics of the generator to be much better developed for the intended work at the next phase, before being transferred for practical implementation in a product suitable for the industry.
The proposal is to try to utilize plasma opening switch technology to produce a small, economical and portable high voltage pulsed power unit for the production of high energy ion beams. The primary aim is to develop this portable and cost effective unit, which is based on highly efficient inductive energy storage principle, specially for a range of technological issues. The work will focus on one special area of application, on near surface engineering with high energy ion beams. The emphasis is on proposed adaptation of improvement on opening switch technology to allow a system to be built with a voltage multiplication factor of 20 and higher. The focus on the generator is to concentrate on producing a portable unit of low maintenance requirement, and therefore satisfy the economics of a small production unit in manufacturing.

The area of industries that the generator could address is of great importance to the revival of the economy and for future advances. High energy ion beam engineering is still in its infancy, but already from the experimental results a lot has been promised in terms of quantifiable technological improvements in traditional workshop practices. The availability of a more effordable high ion beam source could accelerate the transformation of this technology from laboratory research into routine tools for the industry.

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