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Tuberculosis control in an urban area with high tb / hiv prevalence


* To develop capacity for action research in support of urban TB control.
* To develop and evaluate interventions, through action research.
* To assess and document the pros and cons of different methodologies used.
Expected Outcome

* To enhance the understanding of participatory research as applied to urban TB control.
* National or regional conference for dissemination of results.
* Workshops involving TB programme managers, health care providers, representatives of target groups for the reformulation of sustainable TB recommendations.
* Workshops and meetings with policy makers.
* Scientific articles written up and published.
* Manuals written on TB control to identify and prioritise the problem.
* To provide training opportunities and technical support to those involved in TB control in the area of action research.
* To quantify the transition coefficients used in the Piot model in Lusaka Urban District.
* To identify and explore service, patient and community factors that determine these coefficients.
* To validate data collected routinely by the national TB control programme.
* To investigate ways to rationalise and assure quality in the use of laboratory services at both reference and peripheral health facilities.
* To document the practical advantages and disadvantages of the different methodologies used in the action research and to disseminate these for use by TB control programmes in other countries.

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