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Contenuto archiviato il 2024-05-07

Multicenter study on factors determining differential spread of hiv infection in African towns


* To improve our understanding of the factors that determine the extent of the spread of HIV infection in populations in sub-Saharan Africa where the predominant mode of transmission is heterosexual contact. in view of better targeted interventions to reduce new HIV infections.

Specific objectives

* To compare the distributions of likely population risk factors for the spread of HIV infection, in four large cities in sub-Saharan Africa.
* To establish with policy makers the results of the study and the likey effectiveness of different intervention approaches.
Expected Outcome

As soon as the first results of the comparative data analysis are available, a workshop will be organized in each site to which policy makers involved in AIDS control are invited. In this workshop the results of the research will be discussed and recommendations for interventions will be formulated.
Data analysis and report writing

* In each of the sites data analyses will be carried out immediately following entry and cleaning of the data. Descriptive analyses at a population level will provide insights in the distribution of suspected risk factors. Multivariate analyses will identify individual risk factors for HIV infection in each of the sites.
* Comparative data analyses will be carried out in Europe. Comparisions will be made of the distributions of sustpeced risk factors (mainly sexual behaviour characteristics, STD prevalence, circumcision) between study sites.
* As well as these standard statistical analyses simulation modelling exercices will enable us to assess whether results from the study are consistent with documented spread of HIV infection in the different sites.

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