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Environmental epidemiology - health effects of cadmium pollution from smelting in China


To obtain increased knowledge in humans about:

* Dose-response relationship between cadmium exposure and kidney dysfunction

* Bone effects of cadmium (Cd) and its relationship to kidney dysfunction

* Adverse effects of Cd on male reproduction

* Preventive measures against the adverse human health effects of cadmium
Expected Outcome

The studies will generate new and important knowledge about the dose-response relationships for kidney dysfunction using both well established and newly developed bioindicators. It will demonstrate effects of Cd exposure on bone density in an area outside of Japan. Such information will be of crucial importance in risk assessments for cadmium since the occurrence of bone effects outside of the original Japanese areas where itai-itai diseases occurred is much debated. Since effects of Cd on male reproductive function has been extensively documented in animals , it will be of great value to obtain information in humans concerning the absence or occurrence of such effects in a Cd exposed group of male persons. Data obtained can be directly used for preventive action by Chinese Health Authorities participating in studies.
Population groups with high and medium Cd exposure via rice will be compared with controls concerning: measured Cd concentration in urine (indicator of cumulative exposure), indices of kidney dysfunction (urinary beta-2-microglobulin, albumin and other protein). Bone density will be measured in selected population groups by external measurements and biomarker of bone effects will be analysed in blood samples from the same groups. Male persons will be invited to join a sex function test (assessment of semen quality and sexual hormones in serum). The same measurements will be performed also on a group of persons from the selected areas, who have or have had occupational Cd exposure at the smelter.

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