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Development of powerful free-electron masers for physical applications


An important collaboration between Russian and European scientists from the groups led by Prof. A.Gover from the Tel-Aviv University (Israel), Prof. J.Lucas from the Liverpool University (UK), Prof. M.Petelin from Institute of Applied Physics RAS (IAP RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) and Dr. S.Sedykh from Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna, Russia) proposes essential progress in the development of Free Electron Masers/ Lasers for physical and industrial applications. The simultaneous development of the four experimental devices operating in the four different frequency bands from 4 to 130 GHz can provide proper background for a number of physical experiments utilizing FEM radiation. Experimental and theoretical studies will be performed based on:

- C-band table-top prebunched e-beam FEM experimental set-up, driven by the electrostatic accelerator (1 - 1.5 MeV / 1 - 2 A) Tandem- FEM in the frequency range of 70 -130 GHz with designed power up to 30 kW and pulse duration 5 -1000 s (average power ~1 kW) (Tel-Aviv Univ.);
- Driven by linac LIU-3000 (0.8 MeV / 200 A / 200 ns) JINR-IAP 30-GHz FEM-oscillator with output power of ~ 20 - 30 MW and efficiency on a record level ~ 20 - 30% (JINR, Dubna + IAP RAS, N.Novgorod);
- Driven by sub-relativistic (70 keV / 1 A) electron beam electronically tunable Industrial FEM, which has the capability to produce microwave powers up 1 kW over X band from 8 to 10GHz (Liverpool Univ.).

To extend potential capabilities of utilizing FEM radiation special studies of active and passive pulse compression will be carried out in the framework of project. Experiments on the use of the FEM-produced radiation will include studies of interaction of intense RF-fields with materials:
- The RF breakdown and the pulse-periodic-heating fatigue of metal surfaces.
- Testing model components of future high gradient electron-positron colliders.


University of Tel-Aviv
69978 Tel-aviv

Participants (3)

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region
Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Physics
Ulyanova 46
603950 Nizhny Novgorod
University of Liverpool
United Kingdom
Brownlow Hill --
L69 3GJ Liverpool