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Development of EMBRIO firms for the transfer of technology from the Universities


The main aim of the project is the validation of the EMBRYO Project as a useful and innovative tool for the creation of innovative firms, so we will be able to transfer the results of the research and technological innovations from University to the productive network.
To provide an unifying effect on the project objectives of technology transfer and Embryo firm creation and growth, the methodology treats the development and evolution of the Embryo Project as a process of constituency-building targeted on specific audiences and intent on achieving results through specific mechanisms and activities. By centrally locating Embryo firms in the proposed technology constituency (Figure 1), a framework is created that is more conducive to seeing the relationships of process.

Core: At the centre of Figure 1 is the focus of the entire process: the Embryo Project constituency-building for the sake of supporting the creation, development and growth of technology-based enterprise.
Second layer: Shows the main activities, events and mechanisms through which the Embryo Project constituency-process is realised.
Third layer: Shows the key institutional constituents or stakeholders, either present or targeted by the activities, events and mechanisms of the Embryo Project program.
Outer layer: Shows the target results expected to lead to the ultimate mission of growth of the region technology ventures and the high technology sector.
Figure1 Overview of Embryo Project's Constituency-Building Process.

Specific results expected:
- Define and identify entrepreneurs (with university background);
- Promote and develop the enterprising skills of entrepreneurs;
- Determine criteria and identify research groups;
- Promote the research within the University;
- Adapt the university research to the market needs, by promoting the technological development;
- Reduce paperwork from the research groups;
- Develop and educate an expert infrastructure that understands and supports the needs of technology-based ventures, giving companies access to network of expertise and resources essential to their success in a global market-place;
- Help the enterprising university student immerse the real business world, by reducing risks, so their skills are developed and improved and their initiative is increased;
- Find sources of financial support for Embryo Firms;
- Set up evaluation criteria for transfer technology firms;
- Turn Embryo Firms into self supporting firms;
- Establish co-operation links between the different community universities, within the research field, through the dissemination of results, tools and methodology, what have been validated throughout this project.


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