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NETworked systems approach for STOCK and service level optimisation


NETSTOCK will demonstrate the benefits of a virtual stock control and service level optimisation for several connected manufacturing and distributing SMEs. The benefits (i.e. reduced dead capital, reduced assortment, better consumer response, better working conditions etc) will enhance the competitiveness of the European SMEs and will increase the stock turn over towards the higher international level. On the technological level, the objective it to trial a virtual network of companies with delivery and supply relations by using an existing graphic orientated web-based Logistics Data Warehouse for stock control and by exchanging the relevant stock data via XML Internet communication standards. As basis, the system has to be integrated on each companies level with the heterogeneous hosting applications (ERP systems). The partners consist of a software provider and three end users, completed by a research institute and a dissemination network of an existing CEC project.

The technical objective consists of connecting local stock control systems with links to heterogeneous ERP systems and of implementing the virtual stock control system with XML standard data exchange between the local systems. The users aim on business level at a dynamic networking approach to reduce the dead capital even more than in case of an isolated stand-alone stock control. These SMEs will achieve an optimal fit of stock levels to market demand. The research institute will benefit by deepening the know-how in stock control systems design and evaluation as a recognised research provider. The software provider aims at providing the SMEs with a proven ready-to-use web based Logistics Data Warehouse and to support its wider exploitation and virtual use. Main industrial objective is the wider adoption of leading edge SW technologies in European pilot user companies and SME adopters within the environment for better competitivity.

Work description:
The projects technical work is done in three consecutive work packages (WPs).
WP2 "Local ERP integration" will deliver an implemented and running stock controlling based on an existing software for which different ERP interfaces have to be specified, developed and implemented in each local environment of the participating users.
WP3 "Internet application" is the main adaption part of NETSTOCK where the internet environment together with the user front end is implemented. The WP will deliver the web based virtual stock control system to which the participating users are connected. In this situation, the system will be available for external and XML communication based exchange of stock and service level information. After having trained the planners concerning the impact and advantages of virtual integrated stock and requirement planning, the system will be used.
WP4 "Virtual stock control" is the validation and demonstration part of the project where the end users will start actions on the virtual stock and where they start to get integrated stock savings. The technical work is supported by WP5"Evaluation" which has to design and to implement a detailed and well defined validation plan to measure the success of NETSTOCK.
WP6 "Dissemination and exploitation" will perform and will guarantee the distribution of the results on a European wide level. For dissemination, an existing networking structure of a horizontal telematics project will be used; for exploitation, a market analysis and an estimation of the potential revenues will be made to develop a first business plan.
WP1 "Project management" is concerned with the overall time and progress control as well as the link to the CEC.

M1: Kick-off meeting for the final allocation of tasks and the detailed work plan
M2: Existing stock control software ready for use at each company on local level - work shop for users feed back
M3: Virtual stock control based on web technology and XML data exchange is ready for use with stock information access for external users - work shop for users feed back
M4: Evaluation concluded with a concise report on the results in concrete indices (reduced stock level, better service level,...) - work shop for users feed back
M5: Final business agreements for further exploitation of results

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