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Support Measures for Enabling the Access to and RTD co-operation with Slovakian IST Base


Overall objective of the EASIST project is to create conditions for development of trans-national R&D and technological co-operation between Slovakia and Member and Associated Countries in the field of information technologies and to increase the successful participation of Slovak subjects (both technological users and suppliers from RTD and industrial sector) in the IST Programme. Project is built on the complementarity principle with existing supporting networks relevant for the IST (Idealist-5FP, NCP, IRC, BIC, SLAN-FP5, CCIs). It will create the essential assistance and information point for interested parties, both within Slovakia (information dissemination, direct contacts and visits, trainings, assistance, analysis, partner search, technology audits) and outside Slovakia (surveys, databases, providing information, building of consortia including Slovak participants).

The general objective of the EASIST project is to enhance the RTD co-operation between Slovak and European IST base in the form of preparation and submission of co-operative and/or collaborative project proposals. This objective will be followed by accompanying objectives focused mainly on supporting the interconnection between Slovakian and European IT base; raising the level of awareness about the IST Programme; presenting Slovak IST base for interested parties from Member and Associated Countries; increasing and facilitating participation of national pertinent players; preparing special instruments for SMEs; providing the complex information about Slovak R&D and industrial base; monitoring and analysing the national IT market; supporting the innovation through transfer of innovative technologies; easing access to trans-national IT research project; preparing and maintaining the virtual entry point to the Slovakian IST Base.

Activities under the EASIST project will be focused on information dissemination for foreign interested parties and national proposers in the whole process of preparation and participation in EU RTD projects in the area of information technologies. Special attention will be orientated on SMEs and industrial sphere. Work will be carried out at several levels and is divided into 7 inter-related workpackages:
1. Identifying organisation (RTD institutions and SMEs) suitable for IST projects, awareness and information dissemination, preparing special supporting materials;
2. Direct contacts, training, consulting and assistance in proposal writing and project management;
3. Partner search and consortium building
4. Special support measures for SMEs, promoting the innovation and supporting the technology transfer, assessment of sectional market trends;
5. Surveys, analysis, participation in foreign events, providing the information for external interested parties;
6. Virtual Single Entry Point into the Slovak IST Base;
7. Management and Networking.


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