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Strategy for the introduction of a Biomass power plant in Spain



The main objective of the project is to develop a strategy for the implementation of a biomass power plant in Southwestern
Spain, in a region included in objective no.1 of the Regional Development Funds.

The determination of this strategy will take into account the biomass potential of the area, the state of the art for
biomass electricity conversion, and the technical,
environmental and socioeconomic aspects of the power plant
implementation. Special consideration will be given to the
impact on rural employment and income. The local knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese partners (CIEMAT, CEEETA, TGI,
Sevillana) will be combined with the experience in biomass
energy of King's College London and Swedish companies.

Technical Approach

An in-depth study will be carried out by CIEMAT in order to
ascertain the regional possibilities for biomass production. Among other aspects, soil, climatology, land use, and
socioeconomic conditions will be studied. The most
appropriate species, both for herbaceous and forest crops,
will be selected by King's College London and CIEMAT and the available forest residues estimated. The technology to be
used will be defined by TGI, based on Swedish experience
provided by the Centre for Environmental Studies. Once
selected, the biomass energy systems, their main implications regarding energy and CO2 balances, the feasibility of
connection to the grid and the socio-economic and
environmental externalities will be examined by King's College London, CIEMAT, CEETA and Sevillana. The socio-economic and environmental externalities assessment will be based on the
ExternE methodology of the European Commission.

As a result, the most appropriate strategy for the
introduction of the biomass power plant will be agreed by all partners and presented to the interested parties.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

The project will achieve the following results:
- Development of strategy for the introduction of a biomass power plant in Southwestern Spain.
- Application of the ExternE methodology for the development of an introduction strategy, helping thereby to obtain
practical results for the methodology, and identify its major advantages and disadvantages.
- Study of a new conversion technology in terms of its impact on the environment and society.
- Determination of the role of energy crops as instruments
for agricultural and environmental policies.

The strategy developed will be presented to the main agents
involved in biomass development, such as policy makers,
electricity companies, or farmers' organizations.

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